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ARIADNE De-Stress Program

The ARIADNE De-Stress Program starts with an introductory personal session in which we explore your needs in order to define the course. Then follows a personal online session with mindfulness practices that unblock the body, breathing techniques and deep relaxation yoga nidra in real-time, for a duration of 30-40 minutes. You will receive this session recorded for daily use in your own time for the next 2 weeks. We repeat once more the personal online session with modified practices which you will also receive recorded for your own use for the next 2 weeks. At the end of the month, we evaluate the results and continue if you wish.

The deep relaxation practice (Yoga Nidra) is a well structured system, an amazing natural tool that, with constant practice, creates new thought-action-emotion pathways (neuroplasticity).

If you wish to find natural ways to reduce stress, without resorting to medication/antidepressants or venting in unhealthy habits, then through your participation in the ARIADNE De-Stress Program you will follow the thread to exit the labyrinth of stress and anxiety.

Intended for people with sleep difficulties, autoimmune diseases, hormonal disorders or other major health issues that do not allow intense physical exercise.

Take care of your health and calmness, learn to use and control your mind!

Make the decision and call me for more information at +306937340090

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