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Personal sessions of Shamanic Energy Healing

  • "In my life I witness the same situations happening again and again, I repeat the same patterns, no matter how hard I try to change" 

  • "I just lost a loved one and I can't find any meaning In life" 

  • "I feel I don't belong in this world, people and their lifestyle repel me, I just don't belong" 

  • "I am constantly the victim, I sacrifice myself for everyone else and end up receiving ingratitude and betrayal in return"

  • "In my lineage, there are ancestors with a dark history of abuse and pain" 

  • "I can't  forgive myself for past mistakes and I can't live life as it is" 


In all the above issues, there are situations in which we feel a great, sometimes insufferable burden.

Originating from the shamanic energy healing tradition of the Q'ero Indians of Peru, the basic shamanic healing "illumination" brings shocking and instantaneous changes within a deep energy field, accelerating the process of self-improvement and evolution

Other shamanic practices in our life


In any case for your personal issue, contact me at +306937340090

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