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I want to change...  How?

From the moment you seek help, feeling you are ready to make major changes, I commit myself to guiding you out of the labyrinth of mind and mental/spiritual dead ends.


Transformational guidance is individually done on a personal level with sessions based on a student-guide relationship, using the necessary tools adapted to your needs.

In this way, the desired changes occur naturally, effortlessly, are unshakable, and mostly happen far quicker than classic methods.

I believe in and support each of my students to accomplish the desired change in the emotions, thoughts, perception and lifestyle, and create the best possible future.

The inner change in attitude and mentality reflects instantly on the outer environment, "as within so without".... And in this way it is possible to experience harmony, creativity and joy in life!


Everything is possible, as long as you want it and act on it….

Let the hand of the most beautiful future pull you close!


Contact me at  +306937340090 Maria Ariadne Vedanta

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