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Shamanic Energy Healing personal sessions

While many times we know and wish for something better for ourselves, nevertheless emotional, karmic and ancestral baggage, energetic bindings and bad vibes, prevent us from having clarity, mental calmness, or even the ability of choice, keeping us chained to old and no longer functional behaviour patterns.


If in your life persistent patterns, behaviours and challenges for a long time keep repeating, maybe even from generation to generation, even if you have tried getting rid of them, then this Healing is perfect for you.


Through personal healing we can act on the energy level, transmuting karmic or ancestral obstacles and heavy energy of all kinds. This brings changes in all aspects of our life.


The energy healing session is accompanied by the appropriate guidance and special practices that you follow at home, in order to fully embody the new perspective and situation.


The duration of each session is 90-180 minutes. It can be either done in person or remotely.


“An. Ap.

Before going, I wasn’t sure what was what. After my session with Ariadne, I feel that this was necessary for me to move on and that my issues couldn’t have been solved by any other way -only by energy healing- and indeed so instantly. 

I feel that I am unburdened and that I have space for beautiful things from now on - a lot more dreaming, a lot more forwards than backwards. I highly recommend it. I have deep respect and genuine trust for Ariadne’’

In any case for your personal issue, contact me at +306937340090

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