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Yoga Nidra with Ariadne

Yoga Nidra is a well structured system for deep relaxation and creative visualisation that brings positive change in brain function.

The cultivation of focus, awareness and visualisation is an amazing natural tool that, with constant practice, creates new experience in the mind, new synapses, new data, new behavioural patterns and new thought-action-emotion pathways (neuroplasticity).

Visualisations have a full correspondence with our inner wisdom and the unconscious mind symbolisms. With ''Yoga Nidra with Ariadne'', we are given the ability to exercise our personal intuitive and mental skills, to advance with careful and grounded steps in deeper levels of meditation and have access to transcendental dream journeys.

Every Sunday evening at 21.00, Online Yoga Nidra with Ariadne group class

Come with us and feel the magic on a different, dreamy, fantasy level.

Contact me for more details at +306937340090

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