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Training in Yoga and Shamanic Healing

My training in Yoga took place in Nada Yoga Place under the guidance of Michalis Evaggelidis / Mahatman E-RYT 500, C-IAYT : Yoga Teacher Training, Level 200, Advanced Holistic Healing Yoga Training 300hrs (Therapeutically oriented), Modulle I: Restorative Yoga and Neurodynamics 120 h, Modulle II : The holistic healing aspects of Yoga 120h, Module III : Clinical Yoga 60 h.


I also have received training in Mindfulness Meditation, the use of mantra vibrations (Mantra & Nada Yoga (20h) / Mantra Yoga for Healing Training 25h), and Yoga Nidra (Garuda – Traditional Yoga Nidra 20h and Therapeutic Yoga Nidra Training 40h).


I was initiated in the Shamanic energy healing tradition of the Q’ero Indians of Peru by the Shaman Jane Rigby, Earthkeeper, student of Alberto Villoldo. I have completed the Medicine Wheel three times, as well as many specialised and advanced seminars (Destiny Retrieval Process, Beyond the East, The Way of the Seer, Working with Archetypes, On Death and Dying, Creating Ceremonies).


Through the method of psychodynamic affirmative approach, I studied theoretically and experientially the qualities of the energy centers (chakras) as well as concepts of neurotheology and sacred herbalism. Alongside, I have studied practices of the Amazon jungle shamans and their ceremonies for cleansing and healing that are used in their tradition.


I have studied and been involved in the matter of preparing people for death in the level of spirit and soul and I have voluntarily supported people at the last stage of their life.


Other trainings include the Expansion method, Silva method, sound therapy with Tibetan singing bowls and many other self-improvement and psychology seminars. I have taken part in ten day buddhist Vipasana meditation and intensive Kriya Yoga practices. I also am trained in Thai massage, holistic oil massage and the basic level of Hangab (back and spinal column relaxation through inverted positions).

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