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Feng Shui

1. Why should I invest in a Feng Shui Analysis? Isn’t it enough for my place to be clean and tidy?

-Cleanliness and tidiness is a foundation and key principle of Feng Shui, but this is not enough. Feng Shui is an ancient art and science, developed by wise people who, after deep observation of the forces of nature and the behaviour of energy in time and space, left us with techniques we can use to take advantage of the energy in our place in the best possible way in order to create harmony and a space that deeply supports and nurtures us.

2. I am about to rent a house or an office and I am looking for a quick answer to whether this space is good for me or not. Can I seek your advice?

-We can give you that kind of advice, after we get some personal information and survey the space. This can also be done remotely. The advice you receive is about the primary evaluation of your compatibility and the space’s quality. It is not a full Feng Shui analysis - that’s why you will get it in a very short time.

3. I often have accidents and health issues ever since I moved to this house. I feel like the house is driving me out, but I can’t move at this time. Can Feng Shui help me?

-A Feng Shui analysis can help in that regard by identifying the problems and disharmony inside the house and in its immediate environment, and then giving you ways to remedy them.

4. In my house weird things often happen and I have heavy and uneasy feelings. What can I do to improve the feel and calm down?

-Usually in such cases, a space clearing and a decluttering is recommended, both of which we can help you with. Then, a full Feng Shui analysis will improve the flow of positive energy and prevent the accumulation of negative energy.

5. "We are trying to start a family, have kids", "I want to attract a romantic relationship for life", "I have income but also unexpected expenses that constantly throw me off balance","I am in constant conflict and tension with my family members". Can I change all that with Feng Shui?

-All these are problems and pursuits of the basic parts of life,with which Feng Shui is directly concerned. With the knowledge and techniques available, we can focus separately on the part we wish and improve upon it.

6. How long does it take for a Feng Shui analysis to be made?

-In general, the duration of the analysis depends on the area of the space, the number of the occupants and the data available. For example, for a 100 square meter home with two occupants and a floor plan readily available, a week after the on-site visit is required.

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