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1. I have a design of my own that I want made into a jewel. How can this happen?

-You send us your design. It can be either a photo or a hand drawing. You explain how exactly you want your jewel, and after we process it, we point out to you what probable alterations have to be made, we determine the cost, and then you can proceed with the actual order.

2. I have an old piece of jewellery that is out of fashion and I would like it to be more modern, or it is worn out but I want to keep it. What can be done about it?  

-Old jewellery can be revived and modernised with some alteration and/or repair. We can offer you some ideas according to the style you prefer.

3. Why should I choose handmade jewellery over mass-produced or machine-made?

-The reason for this can be aesthetic as well as sentimental. Handmade jewellery contains the craftsman’s skill, the time he spent on his bench, his passion, and a piece of his personal energy. Two handmade jewels can never be identical - the jewel you wear will only really be owned by you. Also, an attentive eye will be able to distinguish a piece that is the result of personal handiwork from the one that is the result of an impersonal industrial procedure.

4. What kind of materials do you use? Is jewellery made of alternative material? 

-Our metallic jewels are mostly made of bronze, argento and sterling silver. The alternative jewellery is made of a wide variety of materials: from glass and stones (semi-precious or not), to wood and leather. Even coconut!

5. How should I care for my jewellery?

-You will be given specific instructions for the jewellery you receive. In general, it is best to avoid wearing metallic jewellery at the sea or in the shower. Silver tends to tarnish with time, but a good wipe with a soft cloth or even better a polishing compound will restore its shine. However, the most common wear I come across is because of creams and lotions. So, it is strongly recommended to remove jewellery before using these products.

6. How long does it take for a handmade jewel to be made?

-This depends on the material and the complexity of the design. In general, a simple two-dimensional design in metal will take 3-4 days, while a complex bas-relief set with stones can take up to 10 days.

7. Can you change the size of a ring? How will I know it is the right size for me?

-A ring can be made smaller or larger. If it has gems however, the process becomes time-consuming and costly. Your size can be precisely measured by us using a special tool. Or you can use a simple meter to measure your finger or another ring.

8. Are your jewellery sold in stores? Can I see them up close?

-You can only find them on our website. If you are in Athens, we’ll be happy to show them to you in person.

9. How can I order and how are they sent?

-You can order via e-mail on our website, and they are sent by courier. In Attica, personal delivery is possible.

10.What’s the return policy?

-Returns are not accepted, as a jewel is considered a personal item.

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