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Annual Feng Shui Analysis

The flow of energy, the paths of Qi, are Feng Shui’s main object of study. These, however, are not static and immutable, but change relative to time. These changes concern the San Yuan school of Feng Shui and specifically the Flying Stars system. In practice we are primary interested in the changes occurring at the start of the year (4th of February in the Chinese calendar).

The Annual Analysis, then, is done in a space in which the Full Feng Shui Analysis has already been carried out, and aims at the definition of the energy variations due to the change of the year. These variations may be negligible, but they also may demand a total modification of last year’s remedies.

The consultant will indicate what changes must be made, what to expect of the new energy and what to avoid. This analysis is recommended to be carried out in December-January, so as to be ready for the new Chinese year. The consultant’s physical presence is not required, as the calculations are made on the already existing energy map of your space.

Officialy certified by the International Feng Shui School

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