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Full Feng Shui Analysis

A Full Feng Shui Analysis is the basic analysis of your space (business or residential) so as to analyze its energetic flows and their possible blockages, in order to determine remedies that will optimize and harmonize these energies.

Prior to the consultant’s visit, you will receive a questionnaire, by which possible obstacles and difficulties in your space will be located, as well as your own desired results.

Then follows the on-site evaluation, where all the necessary technical measurements take place. At this stage the floor plan is also designed, if not already available.

Then, using these data and the particular annual energy flows, the annual energy map of the space is drawn (flying stars method), where the energy blueprint of each room is shown.

According to this map, the consultant makes suggestions of specific remedies for each place in order to improve the inauspicious energies and indicates the places with the most favorable energy for each aspect of our life.

In collaboration with the above, a space analysis according to the ‘’Form School (San He Feng Shui) takes place, where corrective measures are indicated, having mostly to do with item placement.

Finally, after a time which depends upon the area of the space and the number of the occupants (or employees), the full analysis in written form is sent, which includes all the conclusions and recommended remedies.

Request today a Full Feng Shui Analysis, so as to utilize efficiently the energy of your space in order to achieve harmony and prosperity at every level!

Officialy certified by the International Feng Shui School

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