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Handmade Jewellery

Handmade Jewellery is for me a magical circle of creation and expression, an interactive connection between the experience of the creator and the client.


On the creator’s side…

The experience consists of the charming process of creating a handmade jewel from raw material like silver, argento, bronze and copper, crystals and natural materials. I create beauty and harmony, and with my creative breath I instil in every piece of handmade jewellery a piece of my personality, an energy corresponding to each inspiring style


On the client’s side…

I take part in the creator’s dream and choose the handmade jewels that highlight my style, aesthetics and the message I spread to the world. The creator’s spirit and outlook become now a part of me, and with my energy and nature they become loved items through which I activate my mood and aspects of my character

Enjoy the galleries with unique handmade jewels below:

If you desire a certain special personal design for a handmade jewel that expresses you or is important for you or your loved ones, we can create it together in a custom order, giving shape and form to your imagination, preference and love! 

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