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Mentoring and Transformational Coaching

Inspiration and Transformation

"I want to change my life! I want to find out who I really am, to find what my Soul wants and to  to be my Authentic Self ... How am I going to do that?” 

"I just went through a divorce and my life has been torn apart, I want to lay a new foundation for my future, I don't want to make the same mistakes again."

"Something has to change in my life, I'm at a critical turning point but I don't know what to do, and where to start."

"I want to have a companionship in my life and I see that no matter how hard I try it doesn't happen"

“I'm interested in exploring self-awareness and my energetic nature, but I don't know where to start”

From the moment you seek help, feeling that you are ready to make real and big changes in more than one area of your life, with a great sense of responsibility I can  take on your transformative guidance.

The extensive experience in my own personal changes - mind-blowing transformations, the belief in the power of each person and the inspiration, along with the tools and practices, will become your beacon to change what you want in your life.

Transformative coaching takes place step by step  on a personal level with individual sessions in a mentoring relationship, inside a powerful medium-long-term relationship of discipleship, inspiration and trust. 

The desired big changes in this way are made effortlessly and naturally, they are unshakable and above all happen much sooner compared to classical methods.

Μαρία Αριάδνη Vedanta

The inner change of mental attitude, the new focused and determined attitude of love and will for life, is immediately reflected in the outer environment! "As within, so without"... and  in so doing you experience a new sense of purpose, energy, creativity and joy in your life!


The sessions are mainly done remotely and for as long as it takes to establish the changes you desire...


For any question, call me at +306937340090.

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