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the art of change and deep connection

As our life is a constant dialogue between the mythical - symbolic and the real we can help by creating for you the appropriate Special Rituals that will activate the qualities you need to develop in your life. 


Indicatively we create rituals for Women who wish to experience their feminine archetypal qualities, Virgin, Mistress, Mother and Elder, going through every stage of life, from childhood to adolescence then adulthood, motherhood and menopause.  


Shamanic rituals transport us to the sacredness of the infinite moment where old and new coexist in harmony, and we in them with love, right relation and gratitude. We can create a unique Shamanic Wedding or Renewal of Vows for beloved couples who desire an original Energy Ceremony to unite their Souls! 


We can also use rituals for important changes such as a move, death or divorce. In this way we recognize, honor the gifts of the past that we leave behind, make room for grief and mourning without wallowing in it, incorporate the wisdom and lessons, and move forward with positive emotions and a solid foundation to welcome the new in our life.

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