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Forest Lake

Alpha Delta Space

yin and yang
yin and yang

Grounded Spirituality


Our Vision

Welcome to our space, a space of Love, Authenticity and Creation, the space created by the union of two souls, Ariadne and Dimitris, and our love for self-knowledge  and spirituality.

Our vision is to create Idyll - to contribute in every way to create heaven on Earth! The Earth that hosts and supports us is the island of the Sun, the beautiful Rhodes, and at the same time we are often in Athens. We organize seminars, events and retreats/holidays of transformation and wellness. Idyll begins within us first by being Authentic and Creative, by awakening to the Truth of our Soul, here in this life, so that we live with harmony, love, respect and gratitude for ourselves and other people and for all creatures on Earth. We warmly support volunteering, environmental actions and any kind of collective that brings us back to our humanity. We want through spirituality to be grounded and creative. With the tools that are now a way of life for us, we can help you create Health, Joy, Pleasure and Love in your life.


Μαρία Αριάδνη Vedanta

Shaman Healer, Yoga instructor

The path of Authentic Life

Dimitri Prem Sangeet

Feng Shui Consultant

The Way of Harmony

Επόμενες Εκδηλώσεις

  • Σαμάνικος Θεραπευτικός Τροχός - Δύση:  21-25 Ιουνίου, Αττική

  • Προσωπικές Σαμάνικες Ενεργειακές Θεραπείες: 26-27 Ιουνίου, Αθήνα

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